What I have learned is that human beings have very thick skin. I call that skin our spirit, our Highest Most Powerful self. Spirit is the key to everything we desire. Read More

Iyanla Call Me

There is power in the sound of one’s voice. Would it help you through your week if Iyanla could pick up the phone and talk with, pray with or encourage you? Read More


In this compelling New York Times best-seller, filled with illuminating and heartrending stories, we discover why the four essential trusts—are like oxygen—without them, none of us can survive. Read More

The R spot

Stuck in an unfulfilling relationship? Want to make a good relationship better? Then get ready for The R Spot, Iyanla’s new, weekly YouTube Program. Read More

Soul Food

Are you ready for your spiritual workout? I’ve gathered key exercises designed to build and strengthen your spiritual muscles. Start with five minutes a day! Read More


You are worthy of your own time, energy and attention. Join us now for sacred inner work and conscious outer work at the Inner Visions Institute. Read More


Some of the best times I’ve had in life have come from enjoying new experiences and making new friends. I carry those memories in my heart and I’d like to share them with you. Read More


Sometimes the requirements for healing just cannot be put into words. Sometimes you just have to jump in the water and learn how to swim. Read More


Through my life experiences, I have discovered my life’s purpose, and recovered my cultural and spiritual self. Part of my ministry is to share this journey with you. Read More

In Memoriam

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