Just imagine, taking 3-5 minutes a day, to receive an empowering message from one of the country’s most prolific thought-leaders and spiritual teachers.  Just imagine having words of inspiration, spoken directly into your soul, that you can draw upon as you meet the responsibilities of the day.  Just imagine the priceless benefits and gifts that come from making a small investment of time into the bank of your own well-being, healing and growth. This and so much more are available when you subscribe to Iyanla Call Me (ICM).

IyanlaCallMe.Com is an opportunity for you to experience a closer connection with Iyanla by telephone.  Several times a week, at a time you determine, you will receive a recorded call from Iyanla that will provide words of support, affirmation and prayer designed to inspire, comfort and enlighten you.  And, if you know anything about Iyanla, there will be days she will give you “work” to do.

Iyanla is a powerful teacher of affirmation and prayer who is celebrated for her melodic, soul-stirring voice.  Her calls—designed to open your mind and heart—affirm a new way of thinking, being and living, as your spirit is reassured and uplifted with prayer.

As an ICM subscriber, you will receive 2 calls per week. Each call lasts 3-5 minutes. This means that for less than $4.99 a month you can make a life investment that will support you in thinking more clearly, gaining more balance and experiencing greater peace.

Your subscription begins with a FREE one-week trial. Once the trial is complete, we hope that you will continue your journey by signing-up for 30, 60, 90 days or an entire year.

Our annual subscription of $49.99 offers the greatest value.

If for any reason, you are unable to answer the telephone, the message can be left on your voice mail.

We know you will enjoy your trial subscription and Iyanla looks forward to calling, supporting and encouraging you for many weeks to come.

Your free one week subscriptions will begin on October 10, 2016.